My name is Ryan Barnhart, and the story of my life would be considered uninteresting to most.  It includes: my wife, my three daughters, a love for Jesus Christ, family, theology, politics, Walt Disney World, and a few other things.  See what I mean when I say uninteresting to most?  Yet the paradigm shifts in my life have been fascinating.  At least I think they have been.  I have gone from being a full-fledged dispensational, semi-pelagian credobaptist theologian, to now being a full-fledged five-point Calvinistic, covenantal paedobaptist (who still believes that believing adults should be baptized, as well) theologian.

My political paradigm shift may be even crazier than my theological one.  Once I was a neoconservative, and I just did not know any better.  Then I met Ron Paul.  Well, not personally, of course, though many can say that they have.  I met the message of Ron Paul through his words, and my politics and economics have never been the same!

With all of that said, I am nothing more than a wretched Christian Libertarian, saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus.  If that bothers you, good…maybe it will interest you enough to read my blog.  You could definitely read many other blogs because there are so many out there to choose from.  But you may be experiencing some paradigm shifts in your own life, and this particular blog may just scream out to you, “That’s alright!  You are not the only one!”  That is, if blogs can scream.

If you are wondering what Bay Lake has to do with anything, that involves my love for Walt Disney World.  The Wilderness Lodge Resort overlooks Bay Lake, and the one year my family and I stayed there we had a room view overlooking the pool straight out onto Bay Lake.  That is my happy place, people!  Sitting on that balcony with a cup of coffee in my hand, my wife relaxing by my side, my kids having fun at the pool, and the train whistle of the Magic Kingdom Railroad filling up the air in the distant background.

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