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Dear John: We don’t want you anymore!

At least that is what nine representatives said to Speaker of the House John Boehner today as he was re-elected to his second term.  Fox News reported that the number of dissenters was rumored to be in the twenties, but at the end of the day only nine representatives were honorable enough to stand their ground.  Boehner has done very little to help unite the GOP that is quickly coming apart at the seams.


Boehner has consistently caught the ire of freedom loving conservatives in the house, and he certainly did not do himself any favors by overseeing the removal of Justin Amash (R-Mich.) from the Budget Committee last month.  Amash, seen by many defenders of liberty as a young Ron Paul, was guilty of nothing but speaking out against the ridiculous spending habits of elected officials in Washington.  Amash also voted against Paul Ryan’s budget plan earlier in 2012.  Apparently Amash was not pleased with the lack of spending cuts in the proposed budget plan.

Call a spade a spade, refuse to toe the party line when they are out of line (which is most of the time), and fight for the liberties of the American people.  That does sound vaguely familiar to a former representative from Texas, doesn’t it?  Well, Mr. Amash is young and he will eventually learn the meaning of compromise, right?  Ron Paul never did, and we can only hope men like Amash will refuse to compromise as well, even when it gets them booted off of committees.  Hopefully, the American people will educate themselves enough to continue to stand behind men like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, for it is men like this that give America the faint glimmer of hope that she has to recover from this mess that we have in Washington.

As for the rumored twenty-something that were ready to stand against Boehner today, well it certainly isn’t surprising that when it came time to walk the talk that number dwindled down to nine.  Here are the nine that should be applauded and that the American people should learn more about:

Amash – MI

Bridenstine – OK

Broun – GA

Gohmert – TX

Huelskamp – KS

Jones – NC

Massie – KY

Pearce – NM

Yoho – FL







The Worthy Recipient for the 2012 Person of the Year

I confess, I struggle with the first few verses of Romans 13.  I struggle with Paul’s message sometimes, but that just makes me human.  What I don’t struggle understanding about Paul’s message is the fact that he does make it clear that as believers we should pray for the leaders of the State.  We should pray that President Obama and Congress would turn from all wickedness, lead the country in a godly and peaceful manner, and leave Christians alone to freely worship our God.  If you think that sounds like a tagline for a new Mission Impossible movie, well, that just makes you human as well.

I don’t intend in this post to go into all the exegetical ramifications of the passages of Scripture that deal with the State.  I don’t even intend to list all of the shortcomings of U.S. leaders in 2012, because frankly the list would be longer than we could bear.  Jesus said that good trees bear good fruit, and corrupt trees bear evil fruit, and I think that standard can be applied to all things, including the government.

Yet, I am utterly disgusted every time I am reminded that Time named Barack Obama the 2012 Person of the Year.  Not that I expect any better from Time, but sometimes enough is enough!  Is it because of the Benghazi scandal that I am disgusted about Time’s selection?  Well, partly so.  Is it because of Fast and Furious?  Certainly a case could be made for that ridiculousness that brings disgust over Time’s decision.  What about the drone strikes, NDAA, Obamacare?  Yes, yes, check…all of those things evoke disgust.  What about the fact that Obama was in a neck and neck race with the worst GOP presidential candidate since…well, since John McCain?  I mean what happened on November 6 can quite simply be reduced to the fact that the incumbent president struggled to defeat a miniature version of himself. And for that he is named 2012 Person of the Year?

I am sorry, but there is only one worthy recipient for that honor.  It should have went to a man who spent 2012 truly inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to examine what they truly believe about politics.  It should have went to a man who spent 2012 truly inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to examine Austrian economics.  It should have went to a man who spent 2012 truly inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to examine the Constitution and its importance.  It should have went to a man who spent 2012 being ridiculed and mocked by mainstream media, but at the end of the day he was the only presidential candidate who never wavered on his convictions, consistently taught what it takes to get a nation out of endless debt and war, and fought for the freedom of every individual.  He was the true people’s choice for POTUS.  He is the only worthy recipient of the 2012 Person of the Year award…