Daily Dose of Durham

The more I read 17th Century Presbyterian minister James Durham, the more I enjoy my daily dose of Durham.  Hope you enjoy today’s….

It may be some will say, that the covenant is not broad enough, because all are not elected, all are not redeemed nor appointed to be heirs of salvation; upon which ground, temptation will sometime so far prevail, as to waken up a secret enmity at the gospel.  But how absurd is this reasoning?  Is there any that can rationally desire a covenant so broad, as to take in all, as necessarily to be saved by it?  There is a much greater reason to wonder that any should be saved by it, than there is if all should perish.  Besides, we are not now speaking to the effects, but to the nature of the gospel; so that, whoever perish, it is not because they were not elected, but because they believed not; and the bargain is not of less worth, nor the less sure, because some will not believe.  And to say that the covenant is not good enough because so many perish, it is even as if you should say, it is not a good bridge, because some will not take it, but adventure to go through the water, and so drown themselves.


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