Timeout Corner In Heaven?

It was a little after 11:30 last night when I received the text that the father of my “big sister” had gone home to be with Jesus.  No, she isn’t physically my big sister, but she has always been like one to my brother and me.  Even to this day, she treats my girls as if they were her very own.  Most of the new dresses that my girls have gotten over the years have come from my “big sis.”

Her dad, Manny, was a great and godly man.  He was loved by so many, and he will be missed terribly.  I have many fond memories of him, mostly from my childhood days.  The memories are what we cherish here below, until we meet again.

I cannot say what is going on in heaven right now.  Nobody that is still below really knows because we are not yet there to experience the joy unspeakable.  What I do know is that the Bible says, “to be absent with the body is to be present with the Lord.”  I also know there is no sin in the presence of the Holy Triune God.  With that said, if there is a timeout corner in heaven, my guess is that it will have to be named the “Mel Sabaka and Manny Serrano” corner.


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