A portion of a prayer from The Valley of Vision:

I bless thee that those who turn aside may return to thee immediately, and be welcomed without anything to commend them, notwithstanding all their former backslidings.

I confess that this is suited to my case, for of late I have found great want, and lack of apprehension of divine grace; I have been greatly distressed of soul because I did not suitably come to the fountain that purges away all sin;

I have labored too much for spiritual life, peace of conscience, progressive holiness, IN MY OWN STRENGTH. (caps emphasis mine)

I beg thee, show me the arm of all might; Give me to believe that thou canst do for me more than I ask or think, and that, though I backslide, thy love will never let me go, but will draw me back to thee with everlasting cords; that thou dost provide grace in the wilderness, and canst bring me out, leaning on the arm of my Beloved; that thou canst cause me to walk with him by the rivers of waters in a straight way, where I shall not stumble.

Keep me solemn, devout, faithful, resting on free grace for assistance, acceptance, and peace of conscience.

Amen and Amen!


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