Self-love, Self-worship, Self-justification

If we, as God’s people, spent half the time meditating on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we do seeking the approval of others for our own self-love, self-worship, and self-justification, we would be amazed at how important Jesus Christ would become to us, and how unimportant the approval of others would be.

As Christians, we are accepted in the beloved, reconciled to the Father, only because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.  When we try and merit God’s approval based upon anything that we have done or can do, we miss the exclusivity of the gospel in both our justification and sanctification!

The truth that God the Father loves us immensely, because of what Jesus has done for us, will free us from the legalistic bondage of self-love, self-worship, and self-justification!  This alone will allow us to serve Jesus freely and worship Him greatly!


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