Names, Names, Names!

My heart sunk just a little bit a few moments ago when I came to I Chronicles 6 in my Bible reading.  I forgot that it was 81 verses long, and those names….oh, those names!  So I thought to myself, “When the reading gets tough, the tough get reading!”  No, I must confess that I didn’t think that at all!  What I did do, however, was grab my old, green hardback Matthew Henry Commentary Vol II Joshua-Esther.  It was passed down to me from my grandfather, who is in glory right now with Jesus and Mr. Henry.    I love that commentary set.  Not just because my grandfather passed it down to me, but because it has an old-book smell to it.  You know the kind I’m talking about, right?  Something about that old, musty smell makes the reading just a little bit better.


Now, why do I bring up I Chronicles 6 and Matthew Henry?  Well, because, believe it or not, Henry had a lot of good commentary on those 81 tough verses.

For example, Henry points out about verse 10:

And Johanan begat Azariah (he it is that executed the priest’s office in the temple that Solomon built in Jerusalem:)

It is supposed that this was that Azariah who bravely opposed the presumption of King Uzziah when he invaded the priest’s office (2 Chron. xxvi. 17, 18), though he ventured his neck by so doing.  This was done like a priest, like one that was truly zealous for his God.  He that thus boldly maintained and defended the priest’s office, and made good its barriers against such a daring insult, might well be said to execute it; and this honor is put upon him for it;

Azariah was a bold priest, who ventured his life by standing against wickedness.  He was zealous for his God.  That’s awesome!  Thank you, Matthew Henry for reminding me that the tough reading in I Chronicles 6 is still the inerrant, inspired, living Word of God!

Who knows, maybe Matthew Henry, my grandfather, and Azariah the priest are all kneeling together before the Lord Jesus Christ in glory right now.  After all, Azariah was simply a type of the better priest, the Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ, who came and not only ventured his neck by standing against wickedness, but he gave his neck to the chopping block at Calvary!  Because of my wickedness!  He was the boldest of all priests, the most zealous to do the will of his Father!  And tonight, I got another fresh glimpse of my Savior, right in the midst of 81 verses of names, names, names, and more names!

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