Morgan Gets Constitutionalized!

Maybe we should say, rather, that Piers Morgan got Shapiro’d!  Ah, let’s just say he got KO’d!  Finally!  Larry Pratt and Alex Jones, though very different in style, have both done a fine job going on Piers Morgan’s show and defending the Second Amendment.  But what Ben Shapiro did to Morgan was hands down a classic case of on old fashioned butt whipping!  Shapiro came across as highly educated, well versed in logic, and knowing that he was going to win this debate without a problem.  And that’s exactly what he did.

With that said, I wouldn’t agree with Shapiro to the tee on all his positions on guns, but he protected the Second Amendment and made the points that needed to be made.  Morgan should probably either think about dropping the gun discussion, or never making the mistake of bringing Ben Shapiro on his show again!

You can watch the link here:

There’s not a whole lot that I can add to what Shapiro did to Morgan, but if you would like to see Morgan get completely dismantled, then I would encourage you to watch the clip.  At one point, Shapiro hands Morgan a copy of the Constitution, and Morgan goes on to say that Shapiro came in here trying to promote his “little book.”  Yeah, he was talking about the Constitution.  Morgan also said Shapiro was being ridiculous for believing that the U.S. Government could turn tyrannical, as if no democracy has ever done so.  He looked utterly foolish!

Watch it and I promise you, you will enjoy!

Unknown – Well, yes, I got crushed by Ben Shapiro, but I am still number one in my eyes!


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