Urban Gets Another Backer

Linebacker, that is.  As has long been speculated, Mike Mitchell, one of the top LB recruits in the nation has committed to The Ohio State University.  Mitchell will pair with Trey Johnson, who also committed to tOSU over the weekend, to give the Buckeyes a solid 1-2 linebacker punch for the next few years.


Mitchell, like Johnson, also snubbed some elite schools, which included Oregon, USC, and Texas A&M, to come to Columbus.  He hails from Texas, so the chance to play with Heisman Trophy winner, all-world QB Johnny Football at A&M had to be somewhat enticing to him.  Evidently it wasn’t enticing enough for the young man to give up a chance to play for Meyer and the Buckeyes.   This is once again a very key recruit for Meyer because it shows that he is not going to be content staying in the midwest to recruit players, like Tressel did in his tenure at Columbus.  It also continues to show that Meyer is able to go into SEC country and take their players away from them.  There was a time when I wasn’t sure that cold weather schools would ever be able to compete with the recruiting in the SEC, but Meyer is making his case this year.

On a final note, as I was researching Mitchell, I came across a forum thread that included a very sour Oregon fan.  Evidently he didn’t appreciate Mitchell choosing tOSU over Oregon.  I can understand how difficult it is to watch these kids choose other schools over yours, especially since Oregon is pretty relevant right now.  But the poor fella went on to make one of the most irrational statements by claiming that he hasn’t ever heard much about linebackers from Ohio State.  Say what?  Ever heard of Chris Spielman, Pepper Johnson, Tom Cousineau, A.J. Hawk, James Laurinatis, Matt Wilhelm, Andy Katzenmoyer, Na’il Diggs, Randy Gradishar, Marcus Marek, Bobby Carpenter….the list goes on and on and on.  Perhaps one day we can add Trey Johnson and Mike Mitchell’s names to the discussion.


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