Selling a ‘Bill’ of goods

Following up a post I blogged on Monday, Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain Dealer has confirmed that Bill O’Brien has indeed interviewed with the Cleveland Browns for their head coach vacancy.


It’s a downright shame for I was hoping that O’Brien was going to take the high road, but he seems to care about himself first and foremost.  Oh, but if he gets an NFL job I’m certain that he’ll give the typical spin on how hard it was for him to take the job because it’s all about the kids.  Of course it is!  That’s why after one quick season of bringing hope to a college community, O’Brien is already interviewing to get back into the NFL.  But keep telling us how much you’ll miss the kids because it’s all about them, right?  Yes, it’s all about the kids and the sanctions becoming someone else’s problem because O’Brien is ready to bolt.  I wonder how many hurting kids and parents he looked in the eye last year and told them he would be there with them through the long haul?  That was just O’Brien selling a ‘Bill’ of goods.  Sorry, Penn State!  Stay classy, Bill O’Brien!



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