Politicians Cry; Politicians Lie

First of all, may I say that it is a relief to know that the United States of America is not the only country that suffers from incompetent leaders.  I know this is true because yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a ban on United States citizens adopting Russian children.

The reasons for this ban are deeply political and complicated.  Isn’t that normally the case?  The reasons for this ban also prove what many of us already know, the political world is a filthy game of lying politicians who tell you that they have your best interest at heart, when in reality they couldn’t care any less about you.

Putin signed this ban as a result of retaliation.  You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…you stick a knife in mine, I’ll stick a knife in yours.  Sound familiar?  Col….(cough) (cough)….Cold….(cough)….Cold War, anyone?  You see, back in 2009 a Russian lawyer by the name of Sergei Magnitsky died in a Moscow jail.  He had accused Russian officials of tax fraud, and as a result his “accidental” death in jail shortly followed.  Wait, please, let me get on my soap box for a moment, because I know just how very deeply concerned politicians are for the lives of their people.  I mean I’ve seen them on television crying about innocent lives being lost.  It’s Oscar nomination stuff.  Ah, but the “see no evil” cases of innocent lives being lost…shhhhhh!  Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Back to the summary of why this bill was signed.  As a result of Magnitsky dying in that Moscow jail, accidentally of course, the United States passed the Magnitsky Act.  Still with me?  Here is the summary of the Magnitsky Act:

The Magnitsky Act, which introduces US visas bans and other sanctions for Russian officials suspected of human rights abuses, was signed into law by US President Barack Obama earlier this month.

This bill angered Russian officials who had assets in the West, and whose children attended Western schools.  Many officials were concerned that as a result of the Magnitsky Act they would lose those assets and privileges.  So Putin retaliates with the anti-Magnitsky law, which also bans American officials suspected of violating Russian human rights from entering Russia.  O.k., fine.  You want to play your tit-for-tat game of politics, go ahead!  But Putin didn’t stop there.  He had to bring children into it.  You know, children, the innocent ones that cause politicians to stand before a live audience on national television and shed crocodile tears?

Yet who is crying for the thousands and thousands of orphaned Russian children who will never know what it is to be loved by a mommy and daddy?  Putin?  Obama?  Where are the tears now, fellas?  What, did somebody hide the onions?

Putin put the typical political spin on this mess by claiming that he signed this ban into effect in order to encourage more Russians to adopt.  Yet statistics show that Russians are not beating down the doors of any adoption agencies.

UNICEF estimates that there are about 740,000 children not in parental custody in Russia, while only 18,000 Russians are now waiting to adopt a child.

Spin this anyway you want, but it is nothing more than a game of politics, and it is proof that if you let politicians convince you that they “care”, you are deceiving yourself.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the children.


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